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    October 12th, 2010Advance Toturials

    This post is related to the Class last Thursday.

    The Square Motive is an Advance class. The below patter is for the girls who’s taking the advance class with me.

    Materials: size 4.5 or 5 hooks.

    Yarn Size: 4 (worsted weight) any kind (cotton, wool, acrylic..)

    Stitches used: Triple crochet (tr), Slip Stitch (sl st or ss), Chain stitch (Ch)

    Note: between each step there will be a comma (,)


    Foundation: Ch4, sl st to form a ring.

    Rnd 01: ch4 (count as first tr), 2 tr, ch3, *3 tr, 3ch* repeat from * to * 2 more times, sl st into top of 4ch. (small square completed,  4 of 3 chain spaces)

    Rnd 02: Ch5(Counts as tr plus ch1 space), *(3tr,Ch3, 3tr) in next ch3 space, Ch1* repeat  from * to* in next 2 ch3 spaces, (3tr, ch3,2tr) in Last ch3 space and sl st in 4th chain that was made in the beginning.    4 Ch3 spaces & 4 ch1 spaces.

    Rnd 03: Ch4, tr2 in first ch1 space, *ch1,(tr3, ch3, tr3) in first Ch3 Space, ch1, 3tr in ch1 space* repeat from * to* 2 times, ch1, (3tr, ch3, 3tr) in last ch3 space, sl st on 4th ch.

    You can go on same as Rnd03 , this way you increase the Square motive.