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  • About me


    My Name is Dina Al Falasi. Originaly from U.A.E and Living in Doha-Qatar.

    I have started crocheting in 2008.  it is not too long! I have mastered this wonderful skill, because,  since the day I have taught myself how to crochet I have never let go of the hook. I developed myself more and more and started to spread this beautiful handcraft by giving courses to ladies who are interested and held a hook in their life.

    some of my students became experts and started to give lessons as well. which makes me very proud and happy :)

    As I always say to every successful student “Your Success Is My Success!”  ^____^

    My Goals by the end of 2011:

    [   ] Reach to 100 clients in 2010-2011.

    [   ] Publish my first crochet book.